About Us


LMR Enterprise – A leading producer, supplier, and exporter of a variety of packaging supplies. We have solid and content clients in a variety of industries. Customers choose us first because of our quick, dependable service, affordable prices, flexibility, and depth of knowledge to satisfy their company needs.

Our Vision

Since we always feel that change is vital to be perfect in this competitive world, our mission is to strive for perfection and retain the high-quality services that we are now offering.

Our Mission

To accomplish all the achievement, we desire! To work together as team.

Strategic Planning

We rely on our rigorous planning and preparation because it guarantees the goods' safe transportation as well as their smooth transit.

Custom Crating

To safely package your heavy-duty equipment, our in-house packaging facility creates custom-built wood and plastic packing materials.

On-site crating

When our staff gets there, they will box the products and prepare them for shipping.

Fast response

Our professionals will respond quickly to your company's needs and ensure that each subsequent step goes smoothly.

Why Choose Us

Our goal as a company is to serve as a reliable partner for their import and export operations. We strive for success so that we can provide each and every customer with dependable, good service.

Quality Work

We are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality service.

Expert Team

Better working methods are continually being developed by our expert team members.


We cultivate bonds of friendship and trust with our customers.